The Pixel and the Team


Pixelgrade has undergone several years ago a re-branding process that has introduced a faceless mascot: the Pixel. The Pixel is a representation of our ambitions as creators and designers, always looking to achieve excellence, learning from its journey and delivering products crafted with care. It always goes up and it guides our team's creative path.  

The challenge

When the branding was set, it felt like we had to make our little companion a bit more visible. We have a history of creating above the ordinary experiences for our About Us page  so it was a good way to explore how can we integrate this symbol with photographs, especially portraits, using motion. 



Given that I was the only responsible of updating the page at that time, I had to build a sustainable system that would:

    • be easy to document and pass on to any other possible Designer
    • keep each individual's interaction unique — because we value each member's skills and personality
    • keep the interaction isolated, so it could not interfere with other animations — so the process of updating the About Page would be faster and wouldn't need a re-thinking

The results


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