Sertartul #astăzimi-aplăcut

The #astăzimi-aplăcut (i.e. today I liked) drawer is Oana Filip’s digital journal, a collection of thoughts and photographs posted on her personal Facebook account, (almost) daily.

Every entry represents a raised toast for the people, events and feelings she gathers around during the day and keeps them under the sign of this hashtag.

The book series comes as a cin-cin for the lesson Oana offers us: be grateful.

Her birthday came as a reason for the genesis of the collection, offline format, a genesis not possible without hide-and-seek around the office, lines of code, many open tabs with Facebook API, sloppy generated content, whispered ideas and prototypes and a patient young lad at the typography.

We therefore salute Oana and hope for many more years of her collection; we are prepared for the next editions!


Flora Galore

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