Experimental WordPress theme for the extravagant bloggers, using an algorithmic grid based on diverse photography orientations.

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Gema is the first WordPress product I created as a designer at Pixelgrade. It was an exercise that helped me understand how important research is in the design process.

While designing Gema I explored visual ideation and research by analysing websites and creating moodboards based on three characteristics:

  • Typography

  • Colours

  • Layout

The product was planned to be launched as a free WordPress theme, but after multiple iterations on the design, we decided to publish it as a premium WordPress theme on our shop and, proving itself as a successful and popular theme.

Ideation snapshots

Grid building

"Blog posts were grouped 3 by 3, forming a T-shaped block that was 90 degrees rotated either to the left, or the right and the rest is…Tetris: the goal of it all was to fill in the possible gaps that would frustrate you to hell and never let you get a straight line a.k.a. avoiding awkward white spaces in the design."Designing GEMA — so you think you can break the rules?


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