Gaia's Spring

Ladies, Wine and Design Iasi community paired up with advertising agency WINK Public Multimedia to give bus stops a chance to hold more than ads. Iasi has seen great growth in matters of culture and arts, and this project comes to support local illustrators in exposing their work, going beyond usual mediums of promotion of illustrations.

WINK caught up with our group of 6 illustrators and asked us to come up with a concept for Femininity, since the project was about to be launched on the 8th of March and take over of bus stops in Iasi for one month.

Gaia's Spring has its basis on the greek primordial deity Gaia, the personification of Earth and creator of all there is. She is considered to be Mother Nature, the origin and spring of life. Being seen as feminine figure and connected to nature, it fitted well with my botanical approach and the theme I was given, and clicked with my idea of what it means to be feminine: to create and inspire creation. 


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