About Ilinca

Designer with oh-so-many hats and an appetite for creative industries, currently discovering London.

I'm a baseline crafter and maker who enjoyed sewing clothes for her dolls, drawing with my mom's lipsticks and staring handmade class newspapers. After discovering HTML while building Piczo sites, got interested in "the Internet" and website design.

Some craft fairs, shy illustration projects and freelancing projects later, I started studying Computer Science, because I got a things for building systems and a sweet tooth for Mathematics. In my middle year started working as a UX/UI Designer at Pixelgrade and dove into the more intricate systems that humans use when interacting with products, digital or not.

Now looking to take this knowledge further in subjects that have resonated since forever with me: digital products designgraphic design, illustration and photography. I find it enriching every time I  combine multiple disciplines in my work – I'm doing alchemy here.

Proud cheerleader of creative communities like Ladies, Wine and Design, I launch seasonal limited edition tote bags, use a lot of pink in my illustrations and take photos with vintage cameras and lenses.