Hi! I'm Ilinca

Designer with oh-so-many hats and an appetite for creative industries, currently discovering London.

Crafter that enjoys the smell of freshly cut paper, you'd find me in a tiny improvised workshop in my room, all covered in paint and glue, with a laptop connected to a scanner, a camera and an improvised fan, glitter on my socks, a blue wig, and a pineapple wearing dungarees (sounds like a new project to me).

Formal: A key ingredient I throw in my process is bridging the gap between multiple disciplines to create stunning visuals.

Mantra: if you can’t explain it, start drawing it*.

*One of the reasons why I have over 100 markers

Proud cheerleader of creative communities like Ladies, Wine and Design, I launch seasonal limited edition tote bags, use a lot of pink in my illustrations and take photos with vintage cameras and lenses.